About The GCAP Foundation

A little background on The GCAP Foundation and what we do

The GCAP Foundation was created in the memory of two good Black Men that were taken far too early due to cancer. 

In the time that they were alive, they expressed a willingness to work with the youth to help the youth of the community be productive citizens. 

The GCAP Foundation promotes and encourages the youth of the communities to take part in the renovating, rebuilding, revitalization and the restoration of properties in the communities in which they live in order to provide safe, clean and affordable housing to the inner city and urban areas, as well as them learning trades and learning about budgeting, saving and investing money that they have earned legally. 

In the different projects that GCAP has been associated with, Job Corp has played an intricate part in improving neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago. 

The youth that works on the projects learn and understand how building up the community in which they live as well as promoting home ownership allows them to take pride in that neighborhood. 

They take pride in knowing that they had a hand in the renovation of neighborhoods that had been deemed slums and ghettos by society.

GCAP's Basic Guidelines for Self Improvement

1. Interact with people that are positive in both thoughts and deeds.

2. Always give your best effort.

3. Strive for greatness.

4. Know your limitations, but make the attempt to exceed limitations.

5. Know the difference between WANTS and NEEDS.

6. Make Up and Write Down your goals.

7. Be able to budget your time and money.

8. Be open to constructive critism.

9. Have an open mind, be flexible in your thinking and actions.

10.Be strong enough to ask for help when you need it.

11.When you make a mistake, admit your mistake, take responsibility for your mistake, forgive yourself and correct the mistake if possible or pay penance for the mistake.

12.Know how to protect and defend yourself.





THE GCAP FOUNDATION promotes positive innovative thinking while having a positive program to promote the uplifting of the community.

THE GCAP FOUNDATION is about community building and self-empowerment collaborations to promote harmony among all races, religions and individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

THE GCAP FOUNDATION wants to reach out to the brothers and sisters that have gang affiliations and encourage them to have a positive influence in the community.


THE GCAP FOUNDATION wants everyone to know that they are welcome, as long as they are respectful to one another and are a positive force in the community to make the community a better place to live.

THE GCAP FOUNDATION wants to build a positive police presence in the community so that officers can interact with the members of the community and build a more cohesive community without the members of the community feeling threatened by a police presence.


THE GCAP FOUNDATION believes Everyone (Male or Female) has a right to feel safe! 

Acknowledging Academic Excellence

GCAP is So Proud of You

The GCAP Foundation wants to Honor and Congratulate Ms. Nia Muhammad. 

She was one of the 1st winners of the GCAP Foundation's academic excellent awards. 

Nia was accepted to numerous universities. Nia accepted a full scholarship to Stanford University.  

More Congratulations

Congratulation to The GCAP Foundation. The GCAP Foundation has been licensed to do both business and charitable works in the State of Georgia.

We are looking forward to the many events that GCAP will be participating in the near future.

GCAP is also partnering with different businesses and organizations to do charitable works in the communities where GCAP exists. 

In Alabama, California, Georgia and Illinois, GCAP will be having future feeding the homeless events and clothing drives as well as providing other needed goods for people in need.

GCAP is planning to have other fundraisers to help bring awareness to problems in our communities and help find solutions to those problems that plague our communities. 

Get Involved

If you have any ideas or suggestions and would like to collaborate on some projects or make donations of time or money please contact The GCAP Foundation.

Fishing Fest 2018

2018 Inaugural Fishing Fest

The GCAP Foundation had its 1st Annual Elders / Youth Fishing Fest on July 21st.

The GCAP Foundation would like to thank everyone that came to the Fishing Fest.

Special thanks goes to Kenneth Langham for coming up with idea of a day of fishing. 

GCAP wants to thank Ferdinand M. Cole and his beautiful wife Toni for opening their home and pond to GCAP in order to have this event.

GCAP also wants to thank Cleveland, Debra and Chase Brown for all of the help that they provided in this endeavor. 

GCAP is looking forward to next years Father's Day Fishing Fest 2019.


As Usual, Another Success!

The GCAP Foundation, wants to recognize and thank one of our board members, MS Trina Thornton for another great annual Backyard Banger.

This years Backyard Banger produced much needed school supplies as well as monetary donations for the GCAP Scholarship fund.

The GCAP Foundation has adopted a school

GCAP has adopted Ameila Earhart School

With resource being scarce for the Chicago Public School system, GCAP has found it necessary to make every effort to provide the essentials for the children to have the supplies needed in order to get a good education.

Backyard Banger 3.0

The 2019 B.Y.B 3.0 was held on Saturday, September 7th and was a great success. As always our gracious host and board member Trina Thornton threw a fabulous Backyard Banger. At this years Banger, Trina asked for guest to bring school supplies or monetary donations and the guest definitely supported that endeavor.

The GCAP Scholarship Fund

The GCAP Scholarship Fund has provided several student with academic excellence awards. GCAP's very 1st academic award winner, Nia Muhammad, accepted a full academic scholarship to Stanford University. With your donations, we can continue to help children strive for their educational goals.

GCAP wants to say Thank You!

The GCAP Foundation would like to thank EVERYONE for their participation and support in the 2019 Backyard Banger 3.0 and the school supplies drive that was held September 7th.

Special thanks again goes out to our gracious host and board member Trina Thornton. Trina opened her home and utilized her annual Backyard Banger in order to attach the charitable component of a school supply drive to provide students with much need school supplies as well as monetary donations.

Also, on a personal note, I would like to give the biggest thanks to my children, Laura-Ashlee, Patricia Rosalee and Lee Edward, for donating their valuable time, efforts and ideas to make this years Backyard Banger and school supplies drive a great success.

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone that came to The Backyard Banger 3.0 and donated school supplies as well as monetary funds. Without your help, these much need donations would not be in the hands of the students that needs them.

So I salute you.

GCAP is Feeding the Homeless in Chicago and the Bay Area

Special Thanks


Acknowledgement of Catholic Relief Services

It is with much thanks that The GCAP Foundation acknowledges Catholic Relief Services.

GCAP was awarded the 2018 CRS Rice Bowl Grant

With the CRS Rice Bowl Grant, The GCAP Foundation will be providing Food, Sleeping bags and water to the homeless in downtown Oakland for the winter months. 

Another Special Acknowledgement

Special thanks also goes out to Dr. Nadine Scott and Bernice Johnson.

Without these two very special persons, The GCAP Foundation would not have received the prestigious award.

On Behave of the GCAP Foundation,


GCAP & Catholic Relief Services

We at The GCAP Foundation look forward to working with Catholic Relief Services, Dr. Scott and MS Bernice Johnson on future endeavors that will help improve our community.

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